About Us

About Us

Furniture Plus is the largest furniture re-use, recycling and repair organisation in Fife and has continued to grow steadily since its inception in December 2001. Our main aim is to combat poverty and social exclusion, especially homelessness, through our core business activity of re-using, recycling and repairing furniture and other household goods that may otherwise have gone to landfill, benefiting local communities, both socially and environmentally, whilst generating core income to sustain the project. We work throughout Fife, operating from 2 locations in Dysart and Dunfermline. We provide employment for around 18 people, host an average of 10 placements weekly, with around 12 people who volunteer with us on a regular basis.

Furniture Plus continues to experience a growing demand for its services which are to:

• provide quality, affordable furniture, white goods and household items to those in most need. We are able, in some circumstances, to provide these items at no cost;
• increase the amount of furniture and other household goods diverted from landfill which benefits local communities, both socially and environmentally;
• provide further opportunities for employees, volunteers and placements, particularly those furthest removed from the job market, to acquire more skills, knowledge and confidence.

We continue to achieve these objectives by promoting our services as broadly as possible through effective partnership working and by continuing to grow our well established and loyal customer base. Over the past year we:

• made 2648 deliveries of furniture and other household goods to families in and around Fife.;
• made 3889 collections of donated furniture from the generous people of Fife;
• recycled 26 tonnes of furniture that was no longer in a usable condition;
• diverted almost 400 tonnes from landfill;
• helped out 233 people/families in crisis by providing furniture and other household items through our discretionary support scheme;
• provided training and work experience for over 40 placements & volunteers;
• 4 of these placements were taken on as members of staff at Furniture Plus;

Furniture Plus is a completely self-sustaining charity which does not receive core grant funding to provide the services that we offer which is why donated items are sold in our shops. All surpluses generated are re-invested into the Charity, with a significant amount set aside each year to provide furniture and other household items free of charge to people in most need.

Board of Directors:
Geoff Cartwright – Chairman
Alan Mutter – Vice Chairman
Noel McKenna – Director
Stuart Lynch – Company Secretary